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The constraction of Shiveekhuren-Sekhe railway has started

Construction of a 7.1 km railway linking the Shiveekhuren port of Mongolia with the Sekhe port of the People's Republic of China has started as part of the New Revival Policy's Port Revival initiative. A public-private collaboration is being used to carry out this development, and it will be finished in six months.

L. Oyun-Erdene, the Prime minister of Mongolia, stated in his introductory remarks that "connecting the Shiveekhuren-Sekhe port by railway has great strategic importance. The Shiveekhuren-Narynsukhait-Artssuuri railway line, which is the right vertical axis of the cross- border railway of the "Economic Corridor" of Mongolia, the Russian Federation, and the People's Republic of China, begins there.”

PM and other officials at the Shiveekhuren port

In addition, he stated that the construction of a rail link connecting Shiveekhuren port in Mongolia and Sekhe port in China begins jointly by the public and private sectors, which will significantly boost the economy, as part of the New Revival Policy’s Port Revival initiative. The permit for the building of the basic structure of the Shiveekhuren-Sekhe port cross-border narrow-gauge railway and the construction of the basic structure was granted to "Narynsukhait Railway" LLC in accordance with Government Resolution No. 186 dated May 17, 2023.

5G transport at the Shiveekhuren port

On this occasion, Prime Minister L. Oyun-Erdene was also given a tour of the Shiveekhuren Port's driverless smart transport system, or AGV, which is being cooperatively implemented by nine firms that operate in the Narynsukhait group of deposits. The transport, which started running in December 2022, has a yearly capacity of 6.5 million tons of coal.


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