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Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC has been named as one of the TOP-100 enterprises for the 22nd year

In a list of the TOP-100 enterprises that contribute to Mongolia's economic and social development, Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC, which is commemorating its 30th anniversary this year, ranked at 10th place and was chosen as the finest business for the 22nd consecutive year. Each year, the TOP-100 enterprises are determined by five key categories: revenue, profit, tax income, the total number of policyholders, and assets. "Mongolyn Alt" (MAK) LLC paid ₮91.2 billion in taxes to the state last year, and since its establishment, a total of ₮1.4 trillion in taxes and fees have been concentrated in the state and local budgets. As of 2023, more than 3,000 people have been provided stable jobs.

Additionally, the company's subsidiary "MAK Cement" LLC, which was ranked 45th this year, was once again recognized as one of the TOP-100 businesses. In 2022, "MAK Cement" LLC paid ₮18.8 billion in taxes to the state and local governments. Since its founding, over ₮100 billion in taxes have been paid by the company in the last six years, and it has been engaged in import substitution production.

MAK Cement TOP 100

As a result of the policy of actively growing the production of building materials by generating natural resources over the past ten years, "Mongolyn Alt" (MAK) LLC is rated 12th among group companies. In terms of the firm, 4 primary facilities have been set up to produce cement, blocks, doors, windows, and ventilation pipes, and 5 different types of branded products are being sold on the market. Additionally, we are contributing to the national industry by adding more than 1,100 manufacturing jobs in collaboration with more than 100 foreign businesses. In the state budget, our company's total taxes and fees earned from 1993 to 2022 are expressed as follows:

  • 350 secondary schools with 640 students capacity each

  • 582 kindergartens with a 240 child capacity each

  • 120 hospitals with 100 beds each

Furthermore, a total of ₮28.2 billion was spent on initiatives to encourage regional growth and create a positive learning environment for kids and teenagers. In addition, construction projects including the paving of a local road and the installation of long-term electricity in the final five soums lacking 24-hour power have been finished. The most recent example is the construction and handover to the local community last year of an eco-school in Eruu soum, Selenge Province, with a capacity for 960 students and built to international standards.

We would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of Makers who foster ethical mining and national industry development, as well as clients and collaborators who foster dependable and constant partnership.


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