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“MAK Cement” LLC was named as the “Best Taxpayer”

"MAK Cement" LLC, a manufacturer of high-quality import-replacement goods that completely adhere to Euro requirements, was named the "Best Taxpayer" after paying a total of ₮18.8 billion in taxes last year. It is thus placed 10th out of the 900 enterprises in the large segment of Mongolia. We have accumulated a total of ₮100 billion in taxes and fees for the state and local budgets since the beginning of cement manufacturing in our nation, which is the primary product of national security.

The plant has the capacity to produce 1,070,000 tons of cement, 1,000,000 tons of clinker, and 100,000 tons of lime. A total of more than 800 people are provided with stable jobs, of whom about 70% are local citizens. Click here for more information.

MAK Euro Cement Factory


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