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The MAK company will develop a preliminary feasibility study for a hydrogen demonstration plant

Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC has signed an agreement with Japan's Unico International to develop a preliminary feasibility study for the project aimed at establishing a hydrogen demonstration plant. If the project succeeds, it will hold economic significance in developing hydrogen production and its associated by-products using coal, which constitutes the primary raw material contributing to our country's budget income. Additionally, it holds importance in supplying a certain percentage of the heat for Ulaanbaatar city through synthetic gas, thereby reducing air pollution.

Furthermore, aligned with its commitment to adopting world-leading technology within its operations, MAK has signed memorandum for cooperation with the Japanese company "Mitsui Steel." This agreement aims to introduce an environmentally friendly and durable "bearing system" to Mongolia for the first time, with intentions to implement it across its factories and mines.

Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is focusing its primary policy framework for the next 30 years on a green future and sustainable development. Within this context, construction has commenced on a solar plant, aiming to provide the required energy for factories and mines through renewable sources.


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