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MAK Euro Windoor

MAK Euro Windoor Plant, operational since 2019, has introduced advanced equipment and methods from renowned European brands such as Schüco, Weining, Elumatec, Lisec, and Fratelli Pezza. Our facility specializes in the production of top-tier PVC, aluminum, and wooden doors, windows, and facades, which have gained international recognition for their exceptional quality. With a focus on precision and excellence, we are proud to offer products that meet and exceed global standards in the industry.

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MAK Euro Windoor Plant prides itself on meeting a comprehensive set of 15 standards for its products. Among these, we successfully introduced and obtained national approval for one European standard in Mongolia. Additionally, we have implemented three ISO standards, further demonstrating our commitment to excellence and ensuring the highest quality in our manufacturing processes.

Advantages of MAK Euro Windoor

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