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MAK Euro Cement Factory

Promote sustainable domestic production

Manufacturing building materials using the latest European technology inside Mongolia

Tselmuun Nyamtaishir
CEO's greetings

"Mongolyn Alt" (MAK) LLC is a professional and environmentally conscious company that strives to incorporate cutting edge technological advancements into its operations, contributing to the sustainable development of the global mining industry.

During this era of rapid globalization and intense competition, we are dedicated to expanding our business operations in the international market and enhancing the reputation of Mongolia by delivering successful achievements. We are confident in our ability to perform at a high level, thanks to the support and collaboration of our valued partners and stakeholders, who have contributed to our company's success and reputation.


President, Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC

Contact us


Mongolyn Alt (MAK)  Headquarter, #44, Chinggis Avenue,

Khan-Uul district, 1st khoroo, 19th microdistrict, PO Box 66,

Ulaanbaatar, 17030, Mongolia

Head Office 7575 9707

Sales Department 7575 9700 

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