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MAK history timeline

1993 - 2003

10 years after the commencement of geological research and mining exploration

Nyamtaishir Byambaa

On December 14, Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC was founded


Production began at the first gold mine located in the Ikh Galt placer deposit in Zaamar, Tuv Province. This marked a significant milestone as it was the first time a Mongolia-based private mining company sealed a deal to lease equipment from the world renowned Caterpillar Corporation from the United States.

MAK Geology Research

Geological exploration of placer gold deposits began in Zaamar, Tuv Province.


The initial phase of the concentrator and open-pit mine at the primary gold deposit of the Mongolian-Canadian joint venture, "Bumbat" LLC, was successfully launched and commenced operation.


MAK LLC established its first coal mine in the Alag Tolgoi deposit situated in Dalanjargalan, Dornogobi Province.

MAK Mining equipment

MAK LLC became the fourth largest gold producer in the country.


In 2000, the company expanded its operations to include the mining of thermal coal, inaugurating the Eldev coal mine.


The Mongolian-Chinese joint venture, Chin Hua-MAK Naryn Sukhait LLC, was established with the purpose of mining and exporting coal from a designated section of the Naryn Sukhait coal deposit.


The Mongolian-Chinese joint venture, Qinghua-MAK Naryn Sukhait LLC, commenced coal exports through the Shiveekhuren port.

2003 - 2013

10 years of developing

responsible mining


Significant technological advancements were implemented at the Bumbat plant, including the introduction of the CIP hydrometallurgical unit, which had the capacity to process 500 tons of ore per day.


The copper ore from the Tsagaan Suvarga deposit underwent semi-industrial testing at the Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE, and experimental research on concentrate production was successfully concluded.

MAK Erdenet uildver

The construction of a 35 kW high-voltage line connecting China's Sekhe Port to the Naryn Sukhait mine, as well as a 10/40 kW high-voltage line from the mine to the Ovoot Detachment and Gurvantes Soum of Umnugobi Province, was completed and put into operation.


Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC commenced operations at the Naryn Sukhait coal mine in 2007 and initiated the process of stripping the mine in Gurvantes, Umnugobi Province. This allowed Gurvantes soum to have stable electricity for the first time, enhancing private public partnership in the region.

MAK Naryn Sukhait coal mine

The Naryn Sukhait coal mine began its coal exports.

MAK coal export

The Naryn Sukhait mine achieved a new milestone in 2010 by producing over 5 million tons of coal, setting a record in Mongolia.


The Naryn Sukhait mine produced 5.3 million tons of coal and contributed a total tax amount of 160.6 billion MNT to the state and municipal governments.


The Naryn Sukhait mine exported 5.4 million tons of coal in 2012, maintaining its position as Mongolia's leading coal exporter for three consecutive years.


Additionally, the "Dornod-MAK" open pit was inaugurated in the Aduunchuluun coal deposit.

The construction of a substation for the Choir power line, which has voltages of 220/110/35/6 kV, was completed. It is located about 60 km away from the Choyr-Khokh Tsav Cement Project. The substation is connected to the 110 kV National Power Grid (NPG). Additionally, the construction of a substation building for the 110/10 kV substation at the Cement Factory was completed, under the State Commission guidelines.

The financing agreement for the Tsagaan Suvarga copper-molybdenum project will be signed with the EBRD.


10 years of introducing global technology to Mongolia

MAK Euro Block Factory

The MAK Euro Block "Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Factory" for producing construction aggregates was launched in Sergelen Soum, Tuv Province.


The MAK Euro Cement Factory with a production capacity of 1 million tons of cement per year commenced operations in Dalanjargalan, Dornogovi Province.

MAK Euro Venti Factory

The "MAK Euro Windoor" door and window factory began operations, bringing state of the art EU technology to Mongolia.


The "MAK Euro Venti" ventilation pipe factory was launched bringing Swiss ventilation standards to Mongolia for the first time.


"For the Creator Mongolia"

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