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For the Creator Mongolia

"Mongolyn Alt" (MAK) LLC is engaged in diverse sectors including manufacturing of building materials, mining, agriculture, aviation, transportation and tourism. Our company is dedicated to executing large-scale projects and programs that contribute to the growth of our country's economy while prioritizing environmentally friendly practices and incorporating cutting-edge technology.

One notable example is our employment of over 4,000 skilled individuals who manufacture primary building materials using world-class technologies and procedures. This reduces our economies reliance on imports and promotes local economic development. Since our establishment in 1993, our contributions to the state and local budgets have amounted to a total of 1.4 trillion MNT in the form of taxes and fees. Additionally, for an impressive 25 consecutive years, our company has consistently been ranked among the Top 100 business enterprises in Mongolia.

Geology research
1993-2003: A decade of geological research and mining exploration

In 1993, Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC initiated its mining operations, marking the beginning of its journey as a national enterprise and a leading force in Mongolia. These first ten years were a significant period, recognizing the immense potential for growth within the mining industry. It played a pivotal role in propelling Mongolia's development in the twentieth century.

Naryn Sukhait Mining
2003-2013: A decade of responsible mining development

The subsequent ten years witnessed our progress as we wholeheartedly pursued the core objective of "Mongolia's development goal of becoming a manufacturing country" With a dedicated focus on analyzing our country's natural resources, we strategically put specific resources into economic circulation.

Within the framework of these goals, we diligently embraced our social responsibility by fostering responsible mining practices. We made substantial investments in the environment, regional development, population health, and education. As a national company, we actively contribute to the social and economic development of Mongolia.

MAK Building Materials Factories
2013-2023: A decade of introducing global technology to Mongolia

During this transformative period, the mining industry witnessed a significant era of growth, marked by a shift from the processing stage to the production of final products and the integration of multi-pillar economic development throughout the country. By implementing cutting-edge technology in our operations, including world-class factories such as the "Aerated Concrete Plant "MAK Euro Block," "MAK Cement-Lime Plant," "Window and Door Factory," and "Concrete Construction Factory," we successfully reduced our reliance on imports. This marked the beginning of a new era in the construction industry.

Our vision is to create an environment where Mongolians can work within their nation, fostering pride in their professional talents, and nurturing their aspirations for future growth. Thousands of young Mongolians are joining forces to establish a leading national company in the fields of geological exploration, mining, construction materials production, real estate, tourism, aviation, agriculture, and public infrastructure. Our commitment to development planning continues to guide us forward.

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