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Erdenes Tsagaan Suvarga
Tsagaan Suvarga copper and molybdenum project

In December 1999, Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC applied for an exploration license for the Tsagaansuvarga deposit, utilizing publicly accessible information. From 2001 to 2008, MAK carried out extensive exploration activities at the Tsagaansuvarga deposit in Mandakh Soum, Dornogovi Province, with a total investment reaching 8.3 billion MNT. In 2007, a resource assessment was performed following the Canadian CIM 43-101 standard, and this was later confirmed in 2008 under the Australian JORC standard. As as result, the mineral resources of Mongolia now officially register 1.6 million tons of copper and 66,000 tons of molybdenum reserves from the Tsagaansuvarga deposit.

Erdenes Tsagaan Suvarga map

The economic impact of the

Tsagaan Suvarga project

The Tsagaansuvarga project will bring tremendous benefits to Mongolia. It will create over 1,300 permanent jobs directly and up to 7,500 more through subcontracting. Plus, it will add around $150 million each year to both national and local budgets, totaling $4 billion in taxes and fees over an extended period. The government will receive between 57-60% of the project's earnings, without the need for direct investment and involvement. These funds will help balance foreign trade, stabilize exchange rates, and grow the economy. Also, the project plans to use its own funds to build important local facilities like an administrative building, hospital, school, and more in Dornogovi province.

Upcoming Construction projects in Mandakh Soum, Dornogovi Province

Administrative building



Public school


Culture center

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