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Naryn Sukhaitiin uurkhai
Naryn Sukhait Coal Mine
Naryn Sukhaitiin uurkhai

In 2007, "Mongolyn Alt" (MAK) LLC started operations at the Naryn Sukhait coal deposit in Gurvantes, Umnugobi Province. Since then, the mine has made significant contributions, totaling 1.3 trillion MNT to both national and local budgets. A notable event took place in 2018, when Mongolia celebrated the opening of a cutting-edge plant featuring a three-product hydrocyclone system, with an impressive  annual coal processing capacity of  one million tons.

Over the past 15 years of the Naryn Sukhait mine's operation, "Mongolyn Alt" (MAK) LLC has invested 37.3 billion MNT in various areas such as infrastructure, environmental conservation, job creation, local development support, and cultural heritage preservation.


The Naryn Sukhait mine employs over 1,000 people, around 20% being locals. To provide a comfortable working and living environment for the mine workers, various facilities have been established. These include 8 apartments for the local community, workers' quarters, a hotel, a restaurant with a capacity of 180 people, a laundry, a first aid clinic, a gym, a game room, an organic greenhouse, and a car wash.

Additionally, the nearby land port's capacity has doubled thanks to the implementation of border checkpoints and customs control complexes equipped with advanced technology provided  by MAK. This expansion has not only boosted the port's efficiency but has also enhanced working conditions for staff members in border control, customs, standard control, and civil registration organizations.

Naryn Sukhaitiin uurkhain khotkhon
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