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MAK Euro Cement Factory
MAK Euro Cement Factory

The MAK Euro Cement Factory, strategically situated in Dalanjargalan Soum, Dornogovi Province, was established in 2017. It proudly stands as Mongolia's first fully automated, environmentally friendly cement factory, employing advanced dry technology. Equipped with a cutting-edge robot laboratory, it incorporates the finest methods, practices, and technologies from world-leading European companies, effectively utilizing local minerals and resources to foster economic prosperity.



1'070'000 TPY


1'000'000 TPY


100'000 TPY

Plant features and advantages

At MAK Euro Cement Plant, we employ the world's leading cement technology provider, Danish FL Smidth, with a rich history spanning over 140 years. In addition to their expertise, we integrate other cutting-edge European technologies to ensure the highest quality in our production processes. One of our notable advancements is the introduction of Mongolia's first-ever robot laboratory, which conducts automated analysis on raw materials and final products, delivering reliable and guaranteed results.


MAK CEMENT LLC successfully met the European standards for cement quality in 2020 and localized them through the creation of new national MNS EN standards for the Mongolian cement industry. Furthermore, we have implemented the ISO 45001:2018 international standards for labor safety, ensuring a safe working environment throughout our operations.


Newsly confirmed MNS EN standards by MAK Cement LLC


MNS National standards implemented by MAK Cement LLC


ISO standard introduced by MAK Cement LLC

Our clients

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