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MAK Euro Block Factory
MAK Euro Block

The MAK Euro Block Factory has successfully implemented cutting-edge technology, advanced methods, and fully automated equipment provided by HESS AAC Systems, a proud member of the prestigious German TOP-WERK Group. Since 2015, MAK Euro Block Plant has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying EU-standard autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, proudly branded as MAK Euro Blocks.

Highlight numbers

Water consumption

50% less

Plant conveyer

Fully Automated

Total capacity of the plant per annum

336,000 m3


Since 2015, MAK Euro Block Plant has been the pioneering autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturing facility in Mongolia. We take pride in being the first plant in the country to produce Euro Block that complies with European standards. Among the 10 types of standards that we meet for our products, MAK Euro Block Plant has introduced and obtained national approval for 3 European standards in Mongolia. Additionally, we have implemented 3 international ISO standards, further enhancing the quality and compliance of our products.

Advantages of MAK Euro Block
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High productivity

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High noise insulation

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Prevents air leakage

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Excellent heat insulation

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Better heat retention

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Fast installation

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High temperature and fire resistance

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Extremely light

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